Travelogue from Crete

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Here’s a travelogue from our trip to Crete in Greece:

The view from our room

4th of September: Our plane was delayed when we arrived at Copenhagen Airport, and we arrived at Chania Airport at 11 pm, which is midnight local time. There were busses waiting to take us to our hotels. We had booked a room at Caldera Village, apartments located on the hills in Agia Marina. We had a view of Kri-Kri Island, very nice. Each apartment has aircondition, a safe, a small kitchen and a bath tub. In the complex there is 2 swimming pools outside and 1 indoors.

Agia Marina

5th of September: Agia Marina is a small village consisting of hotels, restaurants and shops with postcards and sun glasses about 8 km from Chania. The beach however is very lovely. Along the beach there’s restaurants and bars, and most of them have sunbeds on the beach you can use, if you buy drinks and/or food there. There are places for you to sunbathe without buying anything.
We took a look at Agia Marina, which did not take that long, and then we found some nice sunbeds and ordered fruit punch.

A Kri-Kri

6th of September: We went with a bus to Chania. A ticket from Agia Marina to Chania costs 1,60 euro. It can be bought in the bus or in tabaco shops. Do note that timetables is for guidance in Greece. There is no “on time”!

We took a stroll in the town. The old harbour is filled with restaurants, glass bottom boats and tourist shops. We looked at Kri-kri goats in the park and visited the Agios Nikolaos church. We then returned to Agia Marina, where we swam in the ocean before bed time.

7th of September: We spent the day at the beach. I read my birthday present, Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, a hilarious book! We dined at a restaurant near the hotel and not on the beach, called Synaxis. It was very authentic Greek with nice tasty old-fashioned Greek food, good prices and a nice owner. They have live music. The best part was that they served my favourite dish, pastitsio. It is not that easy to find it anymore in Greece. It is similar to mousaka, but instead of aubergines they use pasta.

My feet and fish!

8th of September: We went to Rethymnon, the third biggest town of Crete. Rethymnon is nicer than Chania, has more things to see and combines beach and town. We went to see Fortezza, and old fort and castle, before we walked around town. After that we went to the harbour and swam a bit. I had to try a Doctor Fish treatment, when i saw one. It was a bit disappointing, but then it is of my list of things to try! We took the bus back to Chania, where we had booked a tour with a glass bottom boat. Unfortunately is was canceled, so we booked a tour for the next day. We dined at Strata in Chania before returning to Agia Marina.

Captain Nick and an octopus

9th of September: We had booked a 3 and a half hour tour with Captain Nick’s glass bottom boat. The tour is from 1-4.30 pm. It was a great tour and i highly recommend it. You get to see Kri-Kri Island, a plane from WW2 on the bottom of the ocean and you get to swim. Captain Nick is a very nice person and entertaining for the whole family.

Melidoni Cave

10th of September: We wanted to go to Knossos and had booked a trip, but it was also canceled. Instead our travel agency gave us a car, so we drove to Knossos. It was very beautiful, but very hot! Remember to bring water! From there we drove to Heraklion, the capital of Crete. There are a lot less tourists than in both Chania and Rethymnon. On our way back we saw the Melidoni Cave. Do go see it if it is possible!

11th of September: Time to go home! We left the hotel and found some nice sunbeds. We left them at 6 pm to dine at Synaxis before we left for Chania Airport at 9 pm. This is the only airport where it is actually necessary to be there 2 hours before departure! It is a very small airport with a lot of tourist, so everything takes a while! Our plane was delayed an hour and we where home at 4 am.

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