Romantic Hamburg – and a nightmare on the bus!

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We went on a romantic trip to Hamburg. The city is amazing, our hotel was very nice, but the trip from Copenhagen with bus was a nightmare!I recommend a trip to Hamburg, if you do not get there with a bus from Eurolines! We have used Eurolines to get to Berlin and that was a nice experience, but both out and return from Hamburg was terrible!

Hamburg from the Alsters

Tuesday: We left Copenhagen at a quarter to midnight. The sign on the bus said Oslo, it was very very crowed, loud music was playing during the entire journey, and the man beside my was on my lap.

Onsdag: We arrived at Hamburg ZOB at 5 am, half an hour early. Best part of the trip! We located our hotel, Arcotel Rubin, and left our luggage. It was a very nice hotel, 10 minutes away from the city centre. The area behind the hotel is very nice. The rooms a beautiful, spacious and with comfy beds!

Arcotel Rubin

We walked a bit in the city and found an open bakery! Then we went to the harbour and after a bit of searching we located Alter Elbtunnel. A tunnel under the Elbe from 1911.

Alter Elbtunnel
Alter Elbtunnel

It is really beautiful and it’s possible to walk across the Elbe. It is a bit different and worth a visit! On the other side we went to a look out point, before returning. We went to the submarine, U-434 by Fischmarket. M y other half enjoyed the museum very much, but I wasn’t as keen, as there were a lot of scary dolls!

Dolls in the Russian submarine
A scary doll!

From there we went to Reeperbahn, the red light district of Hamburg. As we reached the end of Reeperbahn we saw the amusement park, Hamburger Dom. It is open daily from 3 pm – midnight. We took a stroll through it, and then went to Bismarck-Denkmal.


We were hungry and passed Sankt Michaelis-Kirche and went into the Europapassage, a shoppingcenter, but we didn’t find anything to eat. Just outside in Ferdinandstrasse we found Gasthaus an der Alster (Oma’s).


It is a really nice place with home brewed beer and good food.

By Deichtorplatz we swa Highflyer Hamburg, a hot air ballon, but it was closed because it was too windy.

Highflyer Hamburg

Finally it was time to check in to our hotel room, so we went back, rested and showered. After that we went to Die Bank. It is a very nice restaurant in an old bank. You have to see it if you are in Hamburg. Note that the toilets do not have regular signs, but a Danish 100 kroner note with Carl Nielsen and a British Pound with Queen Elizabeth. Alas there is also a scary doll by the toilets!
The tartar was very very good!

Die Bank

After dinner we returned to Hamburger Dom. We tried the ferris wheel and a few other things and saw circus mice!

Hamburger Dom
An organ anno 1911
Circus mice

It was a very nice amusement park – a nice mixture between Tivoli in Copenhagen and Bakken (outside Copenhagen). Wednesday is the cheapest day. We returned to our hotel at midnight.

Thursday: We slept in, and went shopping after breakfast.

My new shoes

After shopping we joined a guided tour of the city hall, Rathaus. It is very beautiful. If you do not enjoy guided tours, do take a look in the yard and look inside in the reception hall.

Rathaus outside

We tried to have lunch at Gröninger Privatbrauerei, but our waiter forgot us, so we left after half an hour.

Beautiful, but impossible to get food or drinks

Instead we went to Deichstrasse and had lunch at Zum Brandanfang, the place of the biggest fire in Hamburg in 1842. Good food!

Good food in historic suroundings

Deichstrasse is a nice old street with a lot of atmosphere. From there we went to the harbour and to Sankt Michaelis-Kirche. We visited the crypt and went up the tower. I was not impressed by the crypt and the view was better from the ferris wheel in Hamburger Dom, but the church was nice.

Sankt Michaelis Kirche

It was very heiss! so we hade to go to an Eis-café 🙂

Ice cream!

We strolled around before returning to the hotel and packing!

Friday: We checked out and left our luggage at the hotel. We went to the Highflyer Hamburg again, but it was still closed. We went to Starbucks, before getting the U-Bahn to Planten un Blomen. It is a park with a Japanese garden and a collection of cacti.

Planten un Blomen

We went with the U-Bahn to Messberg and walked from there to Stockmeyerstrasse, where Oberhafenkantine is. It is the most uneven restaurant in Hamburg and worth a visit! They only accept cash.


We had planned a tour of the harbour, but it rained so we went shopping instead in the Europapassage and Galleria Kaufhof. We also stopped at Dr Götze Land & Karte, a shop with maps, guidebook and things for navigating. We dined at Oma’s, before returning to our hotel and then to Hamburg ZOB.

ZOB – Zentral Omnibus-Bahnhof

Our bus was delayed one and a half hour, because the bus from Oslo could not drive. Our bus ended up taking the passagers to Oslo as well, so another very crowed journey.

Saturday: Home 2 hours delayed.

I really liked Hamburg. It has art, culture and entertainment. It think it is a nice alternative to go shopping in London and Paris. It has all the highstreet brands, the luxury items and upcoming designers. Find upcoming designers in Karolinenviertel. Highstreet brands are on Mönckebergstrasse, Spitalerstrasse and the surounding streets. Luxury brands are on Jungfernstieg, Grosse Bleihe and Hohe Bleihen. The department store is called Alsterhaus. You find it on Jungfernstieg.

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