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Another visit to England. This time to one new place and some old favourites. If you want to read about my first visit the Bournemouth and Bath click here.

We wanted to have a vacation in London, but it was impossible to find a hotel with a central location we could afford, so we compromised at spent 1 day in London and then go to someplace else. We settled on Bristol, a place none of us had visited before.

Thursday: We arrived early at Gatwick Airport. From there we went with the GatwickExpress to Victoria St., and from there to Paddington. We left our luggage here and we to the British Museum. The exhibition Life and Death – Pompeii and Herculaneum being the reason for our visit in the first place. The exhibition was very popular, and the many people was not a good thing, as the exhibition was build like a roman house. At times is was impossible to see the things or read the signs. It was a novel idea to build the exhibition this way, and it was very nice things indeed. Very good for those who has been in either of cities as well!
We then went to Selfridges for lunch. My other half likes oldschool shaving, so we also went to Truefitt & Hill and Taylor of Old Bond Street. Then it was my turn to shop bags in Harrods (and a glimpse of Caroline Fleming). We had dinner by Paddington St., before catching the train to Bristol Temple Meads. Our hotel, Ibis Temple Meads, was right by the stationen, which was very convenient.

The train station in Bristol

Friday: We spent the day exploring Bristol. We started in the old part of town (Christmas Steeps is just the nicest little street) and Castle Park, before venturing to Cabot Circus, a shopper’s paradise! Then we went to Clifton Hill, enjoying the view of the Clifton Suspension Bridge. We took the scenic route to Clifton Village, and had a break at The Coronation Tap. They have an impressive selection of ciders, and their own, Exhibition. It is very good, but with a high percentage of alcohol! We were hungry so we crossed the street to The Clifton Sausage. What a lucky find! Very delicious food and not too expensive. Booking adviced.

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Saturday: My other half went to Dover, while I went to Bournemouth to visit a good friend, whom I do not see enough! We went to The Russell-Cotes Museum. A very nice museum in a beautiful house. Take a look at the gardens as well. We had lunch and then went shopping, before taking the bus to Poole. It is a nice town by the coast. We had cider by the harbour with some of my friend’s friends. Back in Bournemouth we had a champagne mojito 1812 before I had to return to Bristol.

SS Great Britain

Sunday: We had planned to visit the church St. Mary Redcliffe, but it was impossible as it was sunday! We went to the harbour and to the museum of SS Great Britain. I do recommend it for both families and people without children. Along the quay we also saw The Matthew, a replica of the first ship the find Newfoundland. It has sailed the trip as well!

The Matthew

The weather was really hot, so we had to get something cooling and went for frozen yoghurt. We then decided to take a look at Cabot Tower (John Cabot was an explorer on The Matthew). The view was lovely, but it ws so hot, that we had to cool down and get something to drink, so we went to Brew Dog. Afterwards we had dinner at Stop The Bus.

Brew Dog

Monday: Return to Bath! It is very easy to go from Bristol to Bath with train. The journey is 11-15 minutes and the ticket is 8 punds for a roundtrip! We arrived at 9.30 and went directly to The Roman Baths, before everybody got there!

The Roman Baths

We had a quick lunch before entering The Cross Bath. It is a smaller bath outside of the big baths. It is a holy bath, and it is only open to 12 people at a time. You cannot get any treatments in The Cross Bath, and there is no view from here. If it is possible, book in advance. Relaxed from the bath, we went to the historic pub, The Raven. Worth a visit!

The Raven in Bath

Our last museum in Bath was The Herschel Museum. It is housed in a Georgian house, in which the siblings William and Caroline Herschel lived, when he found Uranus. The museum is small, but worth a visit, even if you are not interested in astronomy. It represents the Georgian era very nicely. We had dinner at The Westgate. A nice place, but expensive.

The Herschel Museum

Tuesday: We checked out of our hotel, and then went to St. Mary Redcliffe. The church is very interesting and a must see if you are in Bristol. We then went to the  M Shed, a museum of Bristol’s history. Good for families. We had lunch at Shakespeare Tavern, a really nice place by the harbour. We enjoyed the sun by Temple Church, a church ruin, and went to Castle Park, before leaving for Gatwick.


Temple Church

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Temple Church fra en anden vinkel

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