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My husband and I were in need of some fresh air and a relaxing environment, so I booked a trip to Heilbad Heiligenstadt in Germany as soon as I saw an offer in a local newspaper on our days off!

We decided to spend then night in Goslar on our way to Heilbad Heiligenstadt. Goslar is a beautiful old town with small winding streets, old houses, shops and a nice local beer (Gose). We spent the night at Hotel Der Achtermann, which is located near the station. It is an old building with beautiful rooms and a free swimming pool. The staff wasn’t really welcoming, though.


The next day we drove to our main destination. We stayed at the hotel Best Western Vitalpark. It was a really nice hotel with a relaxing atmosphere. The room was nice and the staff was excellent. The main attraction of the hotel is the Vitalpark with swimming pools, sauna and wellness. It is open for non-hotel guests as well. The hotel is just outside the town, but you can reach it by walking through the spa gardens surrounding the hotel or take the bus for free. breakfast and dinner was included in our stay. It was buffet for both breakfast and dinner, but it was delicious, healthy, fresh and tasty!


Heilbad Heiligenstadt is also an old town with small streets, but with fewer shops than Goslar. The one night dinner was not included, we dined at Norddeutscher Bund, and it was really delicious, and I do recommend it, if you are in Heilbad Heiligenstadt. It is a hotel restaurant with fresh local food.

Burg Hanstein
Burg Hanstein

During the day we went out and saw something, and returning in the evening to enjoy the pools and sauna. nearby you find Burg Hanstein, the inspiration for Sleeping Beauty by the Brothers Grimm; Duderstadt, an old medieval town; Burg Plesse, a castle ruin; and the bigger towns Kassel and Göttingen. Just outside of Kassel is Schloss Wilhelmshöhe. There is a collection of paintings by the Dutch masters and antique sculptures, but both collections are closed on Mondays, when we visited. The gardens, however, were open and worth a visit!

Heilbad Heiligenstadt

In short: If you need to relax and enjoy swimming and being in Germany, do visit Vitalpark.

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