Lust for travel

Sachertorte fra Hotel Sacher, mums!

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I get travel fever a lot – the good kind where you want to travel that is, as I seldom get nervous – and lately that got me making something. Alas not Sachertorte!

I have made a list of the capitals of every european country with a note of when I have visited (if I have). So new project: visit all of them! 🙂

Skærmbillede 2015-04-16 kl. 12.08.24
Part of the list


So a perfect excuse for travelling whenever I have some days off.

London, Paris and Berlin are always favourites, being large cities you can return to, but my personal favourites are Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, more calm but as beautiful as Paris; Vienna, absolutely lovely, green, with beautiful architecture, cafes, great museums and lovely locals; also Reykjavik, small and different, but stunning – and since you are there, you can have a look at the rest of Iceland as well. I’ve have only been there in the autumn and winter, but I surely want to return in the summer to get that experience as well.

Budapest is also a favourite, just as beautiful as Vienna and Warszaw. See my post about Budapest here and here.

Parlamentet fra vandsiden

On my list of cities I want to visit in the near future is Riga, Madrid and Lisboa.

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