A one-day-trip to Sweden (car)

Klik for at læse på dansk

Here is some ideas if you are in Denmark, on Zealand, thinking about taking a one-day-trip to Skåne in Sweden in a car.

Begin the day in Dalby. Dalby is approximately 10 km outside of Lund. Go to Dalby Heligkorskyrka. It is among the oldest stone churches in Scandinavia. The church was a part of the monastery in Dalby and much bigger back then. Inside you find a very beautiful baptismal font. There is also a staircase leading down to the crypt with beautiful columns and a well with healing waters. This is the oldest part of the church. If you are here in December, you might be lucky enough to see the local children practicing for the Lucia procession, which is a big thing in Sweden.

Outside is the monastery gardens and a stone building. This is a part of the original regal estate, which later became a part of the Augustinian monastery. Dalby village is very small, but the local bakery is very good. I tried the delicious cardamom buns. Swedes loves cardamom!

The reason for my particular visit to Dalby, was that I realised that Dalby wasn’t that far away. The Dalby Book now resides in the Danish Royal Library, and it is a very beautiful manuscript written on parchment in the latter part of 1100 in this particular monastery. On the cover is a golden silver plate. Unfortunately the book is not online yet, but the signature is GKS 1325, 4.

The Cathedral in Lund

From Dalby go to Lund, and even though you have already seen one church, visit the cathedral. In the crypt is the sarcophagus of Anders Sunesen (he was bishop in Lund and among the men that saw the danish flag, Dannebrog, fall from the sky in 1219). The main attraction in Lund Cathedral is the medieval calendar, Horologium Mirabile Lundense. The precise age seems to be unknown, but is has been on display from 1923. It plays In Dulci Jubilo, and kings arrive and praise Mary and the baby Jesus. Click on the link to see a video.

Hot chocolate in Lund

Take a stroll in Lund and eat lunch in S:t Jakobs Stenungsbageri. It is both a cefé and a bakery. Everything is delicious!

When you have are ready to leave, drive to Malmö. Enjoy the streets, shops and markets stalls. It’s very festive both in the summer and at christmas time.

Frescoes in S:t Petri Kyrka

If you are in the mood for more churches, visit S:t Petri kirke from 1300. The frescoes are stunning! The picture underneath is of Kræmmerkapellet, the Shopkeepers’ Chapel. This chapel stored paintings until around 1850, which preserved the frescoes here.

Before going back eat at one of the restaurants on Lilla Torg, the Small Square. Steakhouse Lilla Torg is one of my favourite places for pepper steak.

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