What’s in my bag: Longhaul flight

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Here is my carry-on luggage to my upcoming trip to the States. It is my first time on a flight longer than 4 hours, så I have brought a lot of entertainment!

The contents of my bag

My bag is a  Longchamp Le pliage. It is my favorite for travels as it is lightweight, roomy and not delicate.

The contents from left to right:

– A crossword
– A pen
– A Book
– A travel guide (Lonely Planet Pocket Los Angeles)
– Pedometer and a charger
– J-pillow – review comes later
– Chatek with tickets etc.
– Purse with money, credit cards etc.
– Passport
– Blue case with medication
– Gum
– Sunglasses
– Scarf
– Tissues
– Zip lock bag with cream and lip balm

Missing in the picture: earbuds, my tablet, my phone and some snacks.

Have I forgotten anything?

See what I bring with me on shorter flights, and what I bring when I only bring carry-on luggage.

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