Guide to Denmark: Central Denmark

I enjoy getting recommendations from locals before I go on a trip, but they are not always easy to find, and thus I decided to write recommendations for my own country, Denmark, in this series, Guide to Denmark.

This post is about the central part of Denmark in Jutland.

Cities and towns in Central Denmark:
Aarhus: Aarhus or Århus is the capital of Jutland. Here you can find shops of every kind, cafees and restaurants and museums. Do visit Den Gamle By, literally The Old Town, which is an outdoor museum of old houses from different parts of Denmark. It is very charming and in the summer you can find people dressed up as if they were living in The Old Town.

Carriage in The Old Town

If you like art, ARoS is the place to visit. The museum houses a classic art collection as well as a modern and changing exhibitions. The building is a piece of art in it self. Note that the name of the museum is the name of the city Aarhus is latin.

Your Rainbow Panorama in ARoS

Moesgaard Museum is just on the outskirts of Aarhus in Højbjerg. It is an archeological and etnografic museum focusing on both Denmark and the world. The main attraction is The Grauballe Man, the world’s best preserved bog body.

Moesgaard Museum

Read about this in Danish

Randers: Randers is number 6 on the list of biggest town in Denmark. It is also a charming town from around 1000 AD. There are a lot of old houses in the streets, among them the House of Niels Ebbesen, which is said to be from 1340. On the top floor of the house there is an open window, as it is said count Gerhard, known as Den Skallede Greve, the bald count, was killed here. The window has to be open to avoid his ghost.

The House of Niels Ebbesen

Randers Rainforest is a big tourist attraction in Randers. The Rainforest consist of 3 domes to resemble the climate of Africa, Asia and South America. There is also a snake temple and an outside area.

Randers Rainforest

Viborg: One of the oldest towns of Denmark from around 900 AD. A charming old town with lots of old houses and a beautiful church. Take a stroll through the old streets and visit the church.


Holstebro: Holstebro is a nice large town with lots of shops, cafees, restaurants and areas to enjoy the art in the streets. I have never been in a town with so many sculptures and art. It is very beautiful and makes it enjoyable to just walk around even if it rains, as it often do in Denmark.

Billund: Billund is technically in Southern Jutland, but I’m putting it here as well, as you will be very close by. The town of Billund is quite small, but there is an airport and, most importantly, you find the original LEGO-land here!


Eat and drink:
The local beer in Aarhus is called Ceres. Ceres brewery was founded in 1856 by M. C. Lottrup and it became a part of Royal Unibrew in 2008. If you see a beer with Lottrup on the front, the recipe is made by the founder of Ceres.

Royal, former Ceres

If you visit The Old Town, I recommend lunch at Traktørsted Simonsens Have, Simonsen’s Tea Garden, which is a nice traditional Danish lunch.

In Aarhus you can find almost anything from small shops with unique things to designer brands.
Both Magasin and Salling, big department stores, can be found in Aarhus.

If you are into beauty, visit House of Stars in Randers. Here you can getall things beauty that are hard to get in Denmark.


The plan for the series so far:
About Denmark and Danes
What to buy
North Jutland
Central Denmark
Southern Jutland
Zealand (excl. Copenhagen)
Smaller Islands

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