Guide to Denmark: Zealand (excl. Copenhagen)

I enjoy getting recommendations from locals before I go on a trip, but they are not always easy to find, and thus I decided to write recommendations for my own country, Denmark, in this series, Guide to Denmark.

This post is about the island called Zealand, but not including Copenhagen

North: This is the part of Denmark where most of the rich people live. It is fairly close to Copenhagen, near the sea and forests. If it is possible drive, cycle or walk a bit on Strandvejen, the most expensive residential area in Denmark.

There are also some very interesting museums to visit:

Rungstedlund – the garden

Rungstedlund – the home of the famous author Karen Blixen – a very beautiful place with a beautiful garden; Ordrupgaard – an art museum focusing on French impressionism and Danish art from the Golden Age, which is just what I like; Gl. Holtegaard – a museum with exhibitions of both modern and classic art – see the website for current exhibitions; Louisiana – Museum of modern art – the building is very interesting and the sculpture park as well; Fredensborg  Palace – still used by the royal family – you can visit the palace in July, otherwise only the garden is open to the public. Note the glass windows where famous guests write their names with a diamond pen!


Not far from Fredensborg Palace you can also visit Falkonergården, The Falconry Court, where you get to see the big birds in action!


Far north you find Elsinore – made famous from Shakespeare’s Hamlet. The city is very nice indeed and there’s a lot to see. You have to visit Kronborg Castle – in the cellar you find Holger Danske – Holger the Dane – a sulpture of a warrior who is said to be asleep, but he will wake if the ountry is in danger. During WW2 he atually did wake in the form a a resistance group called Holger Danske. After a visit in the castle take a stroll through the charming streets of Elsinore and visit Skt Olai Cathedral from 1559. Do also visit The Danish Museum of Science and Technology, a charming museum of the history of thenology in Denmark. Bring an extra hoodie or something. It can be quite cold in the museum.

Middle: The biggest city in the middle of Zealand is Roskilde – yes the city with the music festival. It is also a very old city, as the amount of historic thing to see here is evidence of. Visit the Viking Ship Museum to learn about the Vikings and see some authentic viking ships and see a modern remake of a viking ship! Take a look in the Cathedral where most of the Kings and Queens of Denmark is buried.

2012-06-24 13.05.58
If you want to see the heathland of Denmark a fun way to do it is to go by an old train with Hedelands veteranbane.
2012-06-24 13.33.46
If you enjoy trains, then also visit Brandhøjbanen to see small working trains! It’s very cute and fun for the whole family.
South: Dragsholm Castle, Kalundborg, Nykøbing S, Vordingborg Gåsetårnet

Møn and Lolland-Falster: Theese islands are not technically Zealand, but they are connected by bridge. Maribo is an old and beautiful town with paved streets and an old cathedral.

Maribo Town hall
Maribo Cathedral

Not far from Maribo you find Knuthenborg Safaripark. You can drive in the park and experience the animals.

Me in Knutheborg Safari Park

From Kragenæs you can go by ferry to Femø. See more in GTD: Smaller Islands.

Eat and drink:
Generally go for places called something “kro”, which there are more of outside of Copenhagen. They mostly serve authentic Danish food or New Nordic Cuisine.

Elsinore and Roskilde are fairly big and you can find most things.


The plan for the series so far:
About Denmark and Danes
What to buy
North Jutland
Central Denmark
Southern Jutland
Zealand (excl. Copenhagen)
Smaller Islands

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