Guide to Denmark: Southern Denmark

I enjoy getting recommendations from locals before I go on a trip, but they are not always easy to find, and thus I decided to write recommendations for my own country, Denmark, in this series, Guide to Denmark.

This post is about the south of Jutland. A very charming part of Denmark close to Germany that has played a big part in the Danish history.

The town of Sønderborg and the castle (Sønderborg slot) is a must on your visit to the southern part of Jutland. The castle houses a exhibition on the history of both the castle and the region. Sønderborg houses the biggest ringridderfestival (tilting the ring festival) in Scandinavia every July, but most towns in the region has it’s own festival. You can also find a museum about the phenomenon in Sønderborg in a beautiful old house.

Anja_Graenseland 093
Sønderborg Slot: tilting the ring

For the history of the war in 1864 when Denmark went from being a big nation to a very small nation visit Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke. It is a very modern and great museum, with dedicated staff members! I can’t recommend it enough!

Anja_Graenseland 103
Historiecenter Dybbøl Banke

Before or after your visit to the Historiecenter you can take a stroll on the actual Dybbøl Banke (the trenches) and the iconic Dybbøl Mølle (mill).

Dybbøl Mølle

If you are kean on seeing all the historic spots from the war in 1864, you can visit Danevirke and Danevirke Museum, which is now a part of Germany. The museum is small, but interesting.

Anja_Graenseland 052

Another fascination place is the region is Koldinghus, another castle for the kings and queens. The castle burned in 1808 and was a ruin for several years. It now houses temporary exhibitions and a historical museum. Do read the fascinating history of the castle on the website.

Eat and drink:
Cakes is a thing in this part of Denmark. There’s a special phenomenon called “Sønderjysk kagebord”, which means you have to serve at least 14 different kinds of cakes!

One cake you have to try is a Honningkage (gingerbread) from Christiansfeld. The cake was a “thing” from 1799 when mr. and mrs. Achtnich opened a bakery in Christiansfeld selling the cakes. Stop in Christiansfeld on your way to Kolding.


Bring home honningkager from Christiansfeld.



The plan for the series so far:
About Denmark and Danes
What to buy
North Jutland
Central Denmark
Southern Jutland
Zealand (excl. Copenhagen)
Smaller Islands

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