Sorø and thereabouts

Fresh air for dogs and their people, lovely lunch and historic stones. Today we are going to Sorø and thereabouts. 

Læs på dansk

The lovely lunch we got at Hotel Postgaarden in Sorø. Hotel Postgaarden (litteraly “the post yard”) was a hostlery in Storgade 17, where you will now find Sorø Museum. In 1767 the hotel moved to the location in Storgade 25. It was a better place for visiting guests to find thought the owner Johan Adolph Foss. The entrance used to be the entrance for carriages and the guesthouse was in the yard.

Famous danes such as Hans Christian Andersen, B. S. Ingemann and Ludvig Holberg has all been guests here.

The menu is simple traditional danish lunch. Read about danish lunch here.

Well fed and happy we went to Myrdeskoven, which in danish means The Murder Woods. It is not everybody who gets murdered here, just one king, Knud Lavard in 1131. It is, however, a quite famous murder in the danish history. He was murdered by his cousin, Magnus, who also wanted the throne. The murder was the beginning of a civil war in Denmark, that ended in 1157, when Valdemar the Great became king.

Soon after the death of Knud rumors of miracles by the grave began. In 1170 the pope elevated Knud to saint.

You find the chappel of Knud Lavard – Knud Lavards Kapel – by Knud Lavards vej. It is only a ruin, but it is quite enough to imagine how it would have looked. According to legend it is placed by the holy spring that sprung from the dripping blood from Knud’s body. The spring has dried out. The chappel was a popular place for a pilgrimage in the middel ages, but in decayed after the reformation. 

Near by you can see a cross for Knud Lavard. It was raised in 1902.

When Knud was elevated to saint in 1170, his body was moved to the church of Saint Bendts in Ringsted, which is also worth a visit.

Sct. Bendts kirke
Sct. Bendts kirke

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