Guide to Denmark: North Jutland

I enjoy getting recommendations from locals before I go on a trip, but they are not always easy to find, and thus I decided to write recommendations for my own country, Denmark, in this series, Guide to Denmark.

This post is about the north of Jutland.

I have a soft spot for North Jutland, as it is where I grew up.

If we are starting the tour from the top, then an absolute must-visit is the town of Skagen (where it says Toppen af Danmark on the map)! You can go to Grenen (the absolute top) and watch the two seas, Skagerrak and Kattegat, flow into eachother. It’s a beautiful walk through the white sand with nothing but blue sky and blue sea. The light i supposed to be magnificent in Skagen, which is why all the painters love the beach here.

P.S. Krøyer: Summer evening on Skagen’s Beach. Anna Ancher and Marie Krøyer walking together.

You also have to visit Anchers Hus, which is the house of the famous painters Anna and Michael Ancher, who were some of the leading figures in Skagen becoming an artist colony in the 1880’s. It is very interesting and give a unique insight into the time and the lives of the painters. You can also visit the home of Holger Drachmann, who was a painter and a poet. If you want to see even more paintings visit Skagens Museum where quite a lot of the art from the Skagen Artist are on display.

If you are keen on nature, then you could also go to Hirtshals, where you’ll find the North See Oceanarium. It’s Northern Europe’s largest aquarium with more than 6.500 fish! Go to the tourist office in Hirthals, where you get a discount on the tickets and can skip the queue!

If beaches are your thing, then North Jutland is heaven! Here we have sandy beaches, low water for the kids, but also waves for surfers! Løkken and Lønstrup are among the best in Denmark, so in summer there can be quite a lot of people. Visit Løkken (kinda where it says Brønderslev on the map) if you are into surfing. Here you’ll find North Shore Surf. There’s also Cold Hawaii in Thy. You could also visit Skallerup Seaside Resort if you either want to pamper your self or if you want to explore the nature.

Staying in the same part of North Jutland, you can also visit Frederikshavn – a harbour town. From Frederikshavn you can go by ferry to Göteborg in Sweden and Læsø. See more in GTD: Smaller Islands.

The main city in the Northern part of Denmark is Aalborg. There’s lots to do in Aalborg. Here shopping, restaurants and cafées, disqotheques, theatres – you name it.

If you go the the left hand side of the map, you are in Vestjylland, the western part of Jutland. This is a nice and calm area of Denmark with small villages and nature. National Park Thy is a very large National Park, where you find lots of birds.

For further information check out Visit Nordjylland.

Eat and drink:
The sea is never far away, when you are in this part of the country. Fresh fish is therefore delicous.

In Aalborg go to Jomfru Ane Gade where restaurants and cafées are side by side. It can be quite busy here, but the prices are fair.

If you are in National Park Thy you must try the food at Stenbjerg Kro! The food is very delicious and sourced from the Park.

Bringing children:
If you are visiting with children you must go to the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. It is a large amusement park with things to try for all ages. Everything is free once you have bought your ticket.


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